Configuring port speed and duplex

Sometimes customers may experience abnormal slow throughput result or packet dropped, which usually turns out to be caused by auto-negotiation issues and having duplex mismatch.
By default, Peplink devices use auto-negotiation to speak with other Ethernet devices such as T1 router, DSL modem, switch or firewall. It is possible that some devices do not perform auto-negotiation in the way which is fully compliant to the standard or fixed speed and duplex configured and thus causing connectivity problems with our device.
One good solution is to turn off auto-negotiation with fix the port speed and duplex of the Ethernet port of devices manually. In the best case, this should be done to both devices involved, even though fixing the speed at one end (device) may work.
When a static speed is set, you may choose whether to advertise its speed to the peer device or not. Advertise Speed is selected by default. You can choose not to advertise the port speed if the port has difficulty in negotiating with the peer device.

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